MenTor Keywords

Keyword- Where MenTor Takes You

Dinner- MenTor home screen

Lunch- MenTor home screen

Breakfast- MenTor home screen

Drink- Bars & Drinking

Cocktail- Bars & Drinking

Bar- Bars & Drinking

Drinking- Bars & Drinking

Coffee- Coffee & Tea

Cappuccino- Coffee & Tea

Latte- Coffee & Tea

Pastry- Coffee & Tea

Tea- Coffee & Tea

Italian*- Italian Cuisine

Steakhouse*- Steak Cuisine

Steak- Steak Cuisine*

American*- American Cuisine

Chinese*- Chinese/Thai Cuisine

Thai*- Chinese/Thai Cuisine

Sushi- Sushi/Ramen Cuisine

Ramen*- Sushi/Ramen Cuisine

Japanese*- Sushi/Ramen Cuisine

French*- French Cuisine

Seafood*- Seafood Cuisine

Pizza*- Pizza Cuisine

Meixcan*- Mexican Cuisine

Small Plates*- Small Plates/Tapas Cuisine 

Tapas*- Small Plates/Tapas Cuisine

Spanish*- Small Plates/Tapas Cuisine

Breakfast*- Breakfast/Brunch Cuisine

Brunch*- Breakfast/Brunch Cuisine

Sandwich*- Sandwiches Cuisine

Dessert*- Dessert Cuisine

Burger*- Burger Cuisine

Vegan- Vegan Cuisine

Vegetarian- Vegan Cuisine

Greek- Greek/Middle Eastern Cuisine

Indian- Indian Cuisine

BBQ- BBQ Cuisine

Korean- Korean Cuisine

Vietnamese- Vietnamese/Filipino/Mongolian Cuisine

Filipino- Vietnamese/Filipino/Mongolian Cuisine

Mongolian- Vietnamese/Filipino/Mongolian Cuisine

Ethiopian- Ethiopian Cuisine

Caribbean- Carribean Cuisine

Jamaican- Carribean Cuisine

Keyword- Where MenTor Takes You

Hollywood- Best of Hollywood/Larchmont

Larchmont- Best of Hollywood/Larchmaont

Downtown- Best of Downtown/Koreatown

Koreatown- Best of Downtown/Koreatown

Beverly Hills- Best of Beverly Hills/Century City/Culver City

Century City- Best of Beverly Hills/Century City/Culver City

Culver City- Best of Beverly Hills/Century City/Culver City

Pasadena- Best of Pasadena/Highland Park/SGV

Highland Park- Best of Pasadena/Highland Park/SGV

West Hollywood (or WeHo)- Best of Best Hollywood/Mid-City

Valley towns (like Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, etc.)

Burbank- Best of The Valley/Burbank

Atwater- Best of Atwater/Glendale/Eagle Rock

Glendale- Best of Atwater/Glendale/Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock- Best of Atwater/Glendale/Eagle Rock

Santa Monica- Best of Santa Monica/Malibu

Malibu- Best of Santa Monica/Malibu

Venice- Best of Venice/Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey- Best of Venice/Marina Del Rey

Brentwood- Best of Brentwood/Westwood/West LA

Westwood- Best of Brentwood/Westwood/West LA

West LA (or Sawtelle, WLA)- Best of Brentwood/Westwood/West LA

Los Feliz- Best of Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park

Silver Lake- Best of Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park

Echo Park- Best of Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park

South Bay towns (Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, etc.)- Best of South Bay

Wine- Wine Bar

Beer- Beer Heaven

Happy Hour- Happy Hour

Pub- Gastropub

Mixology- Mixology

Sports Bar- Sports

Hotel Bar- Hotel Bar

Dive Bar- Dive Bar

Speakeasy- Speakeasy

Entertainment- Live Entertainment

Gay Bar- Gay Bar

Day Drinking- Day Drinking

Market- Markets

Anniversary- Anniversay Lay-ups

Date- MenTor home screen

*Note: if you include Cuisine and a Neighborhood, you'll be taken to the Cuisine recommendations for that Neighborhood

**This is a starter list for Cuisines. Our algorithm also looks for frequently used terms to best offer you assistance. For example, if you use 'Tacos', we'll take you to Mexican Cuisine. If you use 'Oysters' or 'Lobster', we'll take you to Seafood Cuisine. If you use 'Sundae' or 'Pie', we'll take you to Dessert Cuisine. (You get the idea) And if you think there's a keyword we should include, please let us know