How To Best Use MenTor

Sync your
Google Calendar


We recommend that you sync your Google Calendar with MenTor.

Upon doing so, your calendar is transformed into a guidance and recommendation engine.

For example, if your Google Calendar event has "Dinner with Jemma. Italian, Hollywood", MenTor will take you to its recommendations for Italian restaurants in Hollywood.  View list of keywords that trigger MenTor assistance here.

MenTor’s Pop-up Dining Tool will match the date and time of your Google Calendar event and pre-load availability across all OpenTable and Resy restaurants. 

You can also find guidance for your existing Google Calendar events learn how here.

Your Privacy is sacred to us.  We cannot and will not share your information.

MenTor’s Pop-up dining tool


Within MenTor, enter your desired date, time and party size in the Pop-up Dining Tool and MenTor will pre-load availability across all OpenTable and Resy restaurants, until you start a new search or the date and time expires.

If you create a food or drink related Google Calendar event, and accept MenTor’s assistance, the Pop-up Dining Tool will automatically match the date and time of your Google Calendar event.

If you book a table at a different time than your Google Calendar event, MenTor will automatically change the start time of your Google Calendar event to match your reservation time.

MenTor Curation


MenTor is curated via Categories.

MenTor’s Recommendation Feeds are organized by geo-location from closest to your location to farthest.

MenTor’s recommendations are dynamic.  Looking for a Steakhouse?  Not only do we list the best the Steakhouses in each neighborhood, but also recommend non-Steakhouse restaurants that serve up a great steak.  We’ll even throw in our fave new Steakhouse opening in LA in case you want to try something new.

MenTor's Establishment Details


MenTor’s Establishment Details screen is your one-stop-shop for key info:

  • View insider tips from MenTor’s Editors

  • View ratings and reviews from FourSquare

  • View the resto/bar’s menu and website

  • Book a table through OpenTable and Resy

  • View a map and instantly queue up directions from Google or Apple.

All without leaving MenTor!

Want additional listings beyond MenTor’s recommendations?  No problem. Tap ‘More Recommendations’ at the bottom of our Restaurant recommendation feeds and we’ll pull in more options from FourSquare.  

Mentor Helpline


Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Tap the concierge bell in the upper right hand corner. 

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get back to you with additional recommendations within 24 hours.

Favorites Feature


Build up your personal list of favorite bars and restaurants.  You can also see what’s getting Favorited the most across MenTor to stay on top of what’s trending.

Just Opened


Stop searching multiple apps and pubs for LA’s hot new openings.  Find the best new openings, all in one place, with MenTor’s succinct insight.

Your Dating HQ


There are countless apps that help you find a date.  But MenTor is the first to help you plan a date.

From "First Date Spots" to "Anniversary Lay-ups", MenTor is your dating HQ.

Get lucky last night?  "The Morning After" is your shortcut to the best breakfast spots to take her nearby.

Single?  We got you covered, from "Where to Meet Women" to "Where to Close".