It takes too much time and too many apps...

for professional men to find the info and guidance they need.  


That’s why we created MenTor.

MenTor provides the info and guidance men need (from Dining to Drinking, Dating to Deal Making), including task completion, through one application and with a voice that speaks to them.  

MenTor aggregates the most popular restaurant-reservation services and lifestyle apps into one curated feed, via a team of editors and influencers focused on men.


Through MenTor you can:

  • Find the best bars and restaurants

  • Book a table through OpenTable and Resy

  • Read ratings & reviews from FourSquare

  • Access your Google Calendar

  • Find date ideas and more

Making a rez?

We’ll pre-load your desired date, time and party size across all restos in OpenTable and Resy, saving you countless time.

MenTor’s pop-up dining tool will automatically match the date and time of your Google Calendar event, or you can enter your request in the MenTor app.

MenTor not only fully integrates with your existing calendar,

but is also the first app to utilize your calendar events to curate and deliver content.  With MenTor, your calendar is now a guidance and recommendation engine.


The more info in your calendar event, the further along the curation process MenTor takes you. 

Grabbing coffee?  Easy.  Looking for Italian Downtown?  MenTor will take you straight to our Italian Downtown recommendations. 

No Calendar?  No problem. 

Use MenTor calendar-free and even use MenTor for your event reminders. 

Like to stay on top of LA openings?

You’re busy, let MenTor do all the work for you.

The big boys have no editorial voice.  They list everything, leaving the work up to you.

AI doesn’t resonate with users.  

(Rotate screen of Yelp/FourSquare and Siri)

MenTor recommends only LA’s best, with an editorial voice focused on men, not mankind.  In the future, as we learn more about each user, we’ll increasingly customize our recommendations. 

(Have screen image show this) 

We’re changing the lifestyle landscape.  For Beta, MenTor is focused on bringing you the absolute best dining and drinking in LA and will grow features (Events, Style, Travel) and markets from there.

We’re not perfect out of the gate.  (Though mom says we are :)  But we’ll continuously improve as we learn more from our users, including you.